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The guys haven’t taken it easy on me since I released the list for the ladies. Am a female and I think it’s ladies and gentlemen, ok jokes apart, truth is I didn’t want to browse out random stuff and put up here for you guys. I needed people to recommend them, people these books have helped. So I had to talk to cousins, uncles, some lened friends (that were way past there 20’s) to give me the knowledge of books that helped them ascertain the height they are on now. So this was a bit stressful but common anything for Millie gang. I got y’all 24/7.

We all know how precious and delicate our 20’s is, so we need things that’ll make it easier not confuse us.
So here are the 20 books every guy in his 20’s should read. Every one of these books have something we all need, I’ve read overviews and reviews on most of them because I can’t give my babies trash, and sincerely they’ll help you. Enough of the talk… Enjoy!

1) The 80/20 principle
By Richard Koch

2) Getting things done
By David Allen

3) Talent is overrated
By Geoff Colvin

4) How to win friends and influence people
By Dale Carnegie

5) The dip
By Seth Godin

6) Power
By Robert Greene

7) Integrity
By Henry Cloud

8) Here comes everybody
By Clay Shirky

9) The art of exceptional living
By Jim Rokn

10) Never eat alone
By Keith Ferrazi

11) Bit literacy
By Mark Hurst

12) Strengths Finder 2.0
By Tom Rath

13) Outliers
By Malcom Gladwell

14) Speaking Wisdom
By Peter Bvelin

15) The time paradox
By Philip Zimbardo

16) Self – directed behavior
By David Watson
Roland G. Tharp

17) Lead the field
Earl Nightingale

18) I kissed dating goodbye
By Joshua Harris

19) Personal development for smart people
By Steve Pavlina

20) Think and grow rich
By Napoleon Hill

Extra: The One Minute Entrepreneur
By Kenneth H. Blanchard
Don Hutson
Ethan Willis

So there it is guys!  I hope and sincerely pray you find time to read everything on this list. It doesn’t have to all be done in a year but if you can in a year then go for it.

Until then next one Millie gang!!!  Stay Motivated.
Love y’all 😘

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    1. Am thankful for the books suggestions but, would these books help us in all areas of life or just specific parts, cos I have got sth specific in mind and I need suggestions on what to read to achieve this

      1. Hello Nimo, the book suggestions helps in all aspects of life, ranging from business to relationship etc.Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!!

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