Christmas is a season of gifting, therefore I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for everyone without going overboard because JANUARY is a new month and the beginning of a new year. January is just a month of expenses, therefore we have to keep things simple and affordable.

Gifts for men/guys
• Charger
• A pair of denim jeans
• Wallet
• Key chains
• T-shirts
• Headset

Gifts for women/ladies
• Spa date
• Jewelries
• Chocolate
• Novel
• Shoes
• Perfume
• A gown

Gifts for kids
• Crayons
• Glow sticks
• Story books
• Candy bars
• Scandals
• Socks

There is my list!!

Do you think I missed something? Let me know in the comment section. Love y’all

Welcome to my lovely abode on the internet. My name is Millie, I'm a student, a blogger and a photographer. I love writing and sharing ideas. So grab a cup of tea or coffee and let's begin... Shall we? Trust me this is gonna be fun.

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    1. What of gifts for our grandparents??

    2. Great post, but the men’s list are kinda cheaper compare to the ladies o… Charger, key chains. smh😠

    3. The much anticipated! impressive work from a strong woman.

      I think I like the first heading (Gifts for men/guys).

      So, let all the beautiful ladies out there be so nice to to follow this precedence in this yuletide.🤗🤗

    4. Thanks so much.
      This list really helped… I was really stuck lol

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