Happy New Year Millie gang

I picked up my phone today, I was about to call someone and my eyes saw something Sat, 4 Jan 2020. I thought this was a mirage all along but no it wasn’t and we made it! Yeah!! HAPPY NEW YEAR MILLIE GANG💃💃💃🏼We rock, we rock, we rock, we rock (😂  I was literally saying that out loud while writing). Hope you’ll are done reflecting on the past year? Well if you haven’t you can check out this post https://millietalks.com/the-right-way-to-end-the-year-reflection/ it’s not too late. We should all be grateful to God, we should all be happy and feel blessed, if not for anything for LIFE. I believe 2020 will be better if we all think positively, if we explore more, read wide, learn to love more, be patient with people, use our talents, let go of past mistakes, know our worth, be kind, let go of toxic people and things, unfollow negative people on social media lol “all those depression causers”, show more gratitude, go to bed early, wake up early, exercise daily, smile more, be brave, drink more water, mind our business and stay out of trouble.

Smiles, Laughter, Laughter  😂🤣🤣

Happy Jar
The year just began so why not start with happy jar?
I’ve done this for two years and judiciously it’s been worth it. Confused? Keep reading. It helps you keep track of all the awesome things that happen in a year. All you have to do is get an empty jar and each day write something that made you laugh or smile and put it in the jar. On new year’s eve empty it and you’ll see all the awesome things that can happen in a year.

Alot can happen in a year.

FINALLY, let’s be more focused than ever. It is a new year, a new chapter, a new paragraph, a new 365 opportunities, is it gonna be the same old story? Ultimately we write it because it’s our story, the CHOICE is ours. So stop waiting, stop sitting around, stop procrastinating, this is our time, make it happen, believe in yourself. Let’s create good vibes, accomplish bigger goals, get more happiness, build stronger relationships, less pain and everything good.

I pray this new year your troubles will be less, your blessings more and nothing but smiles and laughter come through your door. On that note I say Happy new decade
Happy new year
Happy new days
Happy new ways
Happy new YOU


Until the next one Millie gang!! Stay motivated!!!

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    1. Happy New year BBY girl ❤️ beautiful writeup 🙌

    2. Happy new year Mildred

    3. You never cease to surprise me with her article, nice work. thanks. And Amen to those prayers Pst. millie😊

      1. Thanks for the comment. So glad you liked the post ☺.

    4. Happy New year Millie….

    5. Jar od Happiness??.. I likw that 😁.. Would some “pot of Love” help me keeps track of love.. Just thinking.
      Nice one dear 👍

    6. Happy new year to you.
      Happy ‘jar’. So we put all our happy moment in the jar and count our blessings. A good one

      1. Happy new year to you too.Yes the happy jar really works.

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