The year has begun, you might have not noticed yet but it has. We are in the 7th day of the year which means we have just 359 days left… Yeah I said just. How the year turns out to be depends on how you start it, start beautiful, get beautiful results , start ugly, get ugly results.

Today I’ll share with you ten ideas on how to start the year on a right foot.

  1. Finish leftovers Works/Jobs
    I hope you don’t have any but just in case you do endeavor to get them done today. There’s something about leftovers and that’s keeping you from planning, even after planning you can’t stick with the plan. Do you know why? This is because you always put them first but then you don’t do it and some how the other plans suffer too. Most leftover work can be done within two hours and some in less than fifteen minutes but instead of doing them we spend 12 hours or more debating with our minds on how to not do them.
  2.  Add more spirituality to your life
    When I say add more spirituality I mean allow yourself to come to total agreement that God exists and that you can ask of him whatever, whenever and wherever when you abide by his laws. With that in your heart and you believing, you’ll be able to cut off those bad habits and for once stick to your new year resolutions beyond January.
  3. Clean your environment
    Check your homes, offices
    I know most of us try to clean everyday but there is still an area you haven’t touched, clothes you haven’t worn for six months or more, documents, files you don’t use any longer. There’s no point keeping them, give out the clothes, trash the documents. De-conjest that space, clear out the dust that might have settled there, clean your windows, your fans, your air conditioners. Just clean a part of your office or home you don’t clean on regular basis.
  4. Your Health
    Health is and will always remain the most important thing. Without health your life is 70% over (says me 😎) but really make sure to check your sugar level, blood pressure regularly and for the men always check your postrate. Generally just do a full body check up at least once every  six months.
  5. Buy a new pillow
    She said whaaat? A good pillow gives you good body support, without body support you’ll suffer from insomnia and sore neck. An average of 68% of people all have bad or worn out pillows, by the way a good pillow costs less than #4000,so yeah I said buy a new pillow.
  6. Get physically fit
    Studies have shown that regular physical activity such as running, yoga or just a walk can help reduce the risk of heart attack, lower your risk of falls, lower your blood cholesterol level, manage your weight better, lower the risk of developing osteoporosis(bones become extremely porous and subject to fracture, occurs especially in women). Need I say more? Just do more physical activities and live long.
  7. Get a new toothbrush already
    American Dental Association (ADA) recommend changing your toothbrush every three months or sooner if the bristles are frayed. I understand that most times we forget but here is a quick and easy tip I use that totally works, when you go to the supermarket to get your toiletries just grab as many toothbrushes as possible. Easy peasy 😎😜
  8. Breath! Breath!!
    Treat yourself to a massage, a movie date, a coffee, a pedicure etc anything that gets you excited and makes you feel relaxed.
    Just take some time off and chill. Trust me your focus level will increase.
  9. No television night
    Yeah, 😂 calm down, I mean pick one night out of the seven nights God has given to you and watch no t.v. No t.v at all instead read a book, write, draw, dance, exercise, talk to someone, anything that doesn’t involve you putting on the t.v that night.
  10. Buy/ grow a plant
    It may sound counter-intuitive, but nurturing plants helps people concentrate better, it generates happiness, it’s therapeutic, it accelerates healing process… Yeah ask Google, it helps your relationship and also makes you more compassionate. So get yourself a depression killer today.


Did I miss something?
Please let me know in the comment section.
Love y’all 😍
Until the next one Millie gang!!

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    1. To be frank, these spoke to me. Most of the things we pay less attention but are damn needful! Nice collection here.

      11. Remember to smile every now and then

      Yes it makes you younger and more focused!

      1. Yes, remember to smile every now and then… I like it. Thanks for stopping ☺.

    2. These are tremendously unique tips indeed…

      I’m using them all I swear! …tight work strong woman, keep it up.

      1. I’m happy you like them. Thanks for stopping by.

    3. Lovely tips, will try them out

      1. Will be expecting to hear the results you achieved. Thanks for stopping by.

    4. Awwwn… You’re so bright, awesome..
      Im so proud of you lil Milly.. Thank you for these tips .. Needed them

      1. You are welcome dear and thanks for stopping by.

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