You can see your reflection in my eyes💋💋Compliments of the season Millie gang 😘 💃 💃
The year is finally coming to an end and I feel so blessed to see this day. I do a yearly routine towards the end of each year and it’s called REFLECTION. Most people think reflecting is a total waste of time but truth is if you skip reflecting on a year before it ends you’re making one of the biggest mistakes my friend.
Reflection helps you ascertain;

  • If this year went exactly as you wanted it to go
  • What you learnt from the year, and
  • Exactly how you want next year to be.

Reflection makes planning for the next year much easier.

We all have opportunities to grow and learn new stuff every year but we have to always look at the important areas of our lives for that to happen, things like

  1. Emotions felt
  2.  Results achieved
  3. Lessons learnt

As long as there is life there is hope. What wasn’t achieved this year can be achieved in the next.

Am going to be a bit personal with this post and show you guys my year using the three things mentioned above;

Emotions Felt
This is most important because it affects your actions.

Why do we all underrate emotions?
Emotion(s) is one word, example; sad, happy, love, angry, depressed, confused, stressed, committed, energized, scared, afraid etc.
This is one difficult question to answer because most people are unsure about how they feel… It’s necessary to understand how you feel at certain times so you can kill the negative vibe when it arises.

My top emotions in 2019
– Happy
– Committed
– Depressed (lol – story for another day)
– Fun
Remember you’re the only one who can change how you feel. No one else has that power.

Results Achieved 
Your emotions determine your actions and your actions produce results.
Results can range from;
– Getting a new job
– Starting a new business
– Starting that diet
– Not hitting your financial goal(yeah it’s a result too)

Personally I divide my results into categories which I decided to share with you guys:
– Health
– Money
– Job/Business
– Relationship
– Hobbies
– Personal development
– New home / Office
– Personal space

My results for 2019

  • I started dieting
  • I initiated exercising into my weekly routine
  • I ensured I stay hydrated ALWAYS


  • I tried the 50-30-20 method so I was able to save more
  •  I am totally debt free


  • I started my blog
  • I made a few arrangements for something I plan to unveil next year.


  • I made new friends
  • I got closer with old friends


  • I wrote more
  • I learnt a few dance moves😉😎

Personal development

  • I learnt photography and editing
  • I finished two courses online
  • I started learning fashion designing.

New home / office

  • I couldn’t get a new home or office this year for some weird reasons but we still got 2020 right?

Personal space

  • This year I got to understand myself more, know exactly what I mean and how to go about it and that’s because I gave more personal space this year than I have in the past years.

Lessons Learnt
For now I want you to forget about the failures and focus on the lessons.
As for me I learnt so many things this year… Let’s look at a few

  • how to give expecting nothing
  • how to love truly
  •  how to be a queen of my own life
  • how to grieve
  • how to listen to my hair(I’m a naturalista 😜)
  •  how to build and nurture the kind of relationship I want
  • how to think with my head not my heart
  • hot to stop overspending
    – how to love myself
  • how to get past mood swings.

What lessons did you learn this year?

To make things easier for you I put together a four question list to help guide you:

  1. What emotion did you experience more this year?
  2. What results did you achieve?
  3. What lessons did you learn?
  4. Is there anything you did this year that you plan to do differently next year and why?

When you’re done reflecting on the past year, NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT NEXT YEAR?


FINALLY, as long as there is life there is hope. What wasn’t achieved this year can be achieved in the next.
So reflect on your past, smile at your results and memorize the lessons learnt.
Love from Millie!
Until the next one Millie gang!!

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    1. Golden daughter, the sky is not your limit. keep soaring higher like the 🌟. Daddy.

    2. What an interesting concept (Reflection) to win in 2020✅

      I’m certainly running to reflect, so, that I can be more prepare for 2020. thanks millie, good piece.

    3. ❤️ . #WordsCannotExpress

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