Being in a relationship is one thing finding the perfect gift to express your emotions to your lady is another, especially on val’s day.
While we still love and appreciate the regular roses, chocolate, dinner outings and cards inscribed with I LOVE YOU, we’d still love loveee love y’all to take things a bit personal and extra.

As always Millie’s always got your back. In this gift post I’ve rounded up 20 thoughtful gifts that should accompany those cards, chocolates, flowers and dinners. The perfect thing about this list is that you’re just one click away.

1) Body scrub

2) Necklaces

3) Earrings

4) Bracelets

5) Wrist watch

6) Fragrance

7) Hand bags

8) Shoes

9) Sneakers

10) Sweat shirt (and maybe, just maybe she’ll let yours be)

11) Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

12) A dress

13) A makeup box

14) Framed drawing of her

15) Night wears

16) A phone

17) Human hair

18) Lingerie

19) Book
(I suggest The creative curve by WH Allen)

20) Bluetooth hands-free headset

Ladies is there something you need or would love for Valentine’s Day that’s not on the list?

Leave it all in the comment section.
You never know who might be reading 😘 😜😜

Until the next one Millie gang!! Stay positive😍
Love y’all 💋💋💋💋💋

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    1. Many things to pick , thanks for the ideas

    2. thank goodness! we have earrings on the list.

      Golden Daughter indeed✅

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